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Hot flashes: homeopathy can help you

All of a sudden you turn all red, you start to feel very hot, to sweat, even in the middle of winter… What a calamity these hot flashes that poison our lives, day and night. What if you tried homeopathy to alleviate all these symptoms?

Systematic treatment in the pre-menopause period.

From the onset of pre-menopausal symptoms (with the first hot flashes, absence or delay of menstruation) a homeopathic treatment can be used every month to regulate all these disorders: Lachesis in dose.

I systematically take 1 dose of Lachesis 9 CH on the 20th day of the cycle, 1 dose of Lachesis 15 CH on the 21st day and 1 dose of Lachesis 30 CH on the 22nd day.


I have hot flashes with a feeling of congestion.

I have hot flashes, day and night, from my chest to my face. I feel a sensation of congestion, constriction of the neck, difficulty breathing.

Every morning I take 5 granules of Lachesis 9 CH.


I have hot flashes limited to my cheeks and ears.

I have violent hot flashes with redness on my cheeks and a feeling of fluttering in my temples. I feel burns on the soles of my feet and in the palms of my hands. I have ophthalmic migraines periodically.

I take Sanguinaria 9 CH, 3 granules morning and evening.


I have hot flashes from the bottom to the top of my body.

I have hot flashes, especially in the morning, from the pelvis to the upper body. I feel constantly exhausted.

I take Sepia 9 CH, 5 granules a day.


I have hot flashes with burning extremities.

I have hot flashes with very strong burning sensations in my head, hands and feet. I am desperately looking for a cool place in bed.

I take 3 granules of Sulfur 9 CH as soon as I wake up.

I have violent hot flashes that can be seen by those around me.

I have violent hot flashes with intense and visible beats in my carotid arteries (this sensation is improved by holding my head in my hands and applying cold). My hot flashes are visible to those around me.

I take Glonoinum 9 CH, 3 granules twice a day.


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