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Headaches, stress, digestion…in 2021, Lavender, an essential oil to do everything

Lavender an essential oil for everything

Against stress, headaches, infections, muscular pains, premenstrual pains, but also insects… Essential oil is a natural solution to relieve you.

Lavender an essential oil for everythingLavender contains phenolic acids, coumarin and its essential oil (EO) contains in particular terpene alcohols such as linalool (very present in shampoos, soaps and creams) and geraniol (also present in geranium, lemon and citronella essential oil).



It helps to fight :

  • Against stress: known for its calming and relaxing virtues, lavender acts as a balancing factor of the nervous system. Linalool, a natural anxiolytic, fights anxiety and ailments of nervous origin. A few drops of EO diluted in the bath water or diffused in the air can naturally fight irritability. Herbal teas and infusions are also recommended throughout the day.
  • Against the headaches: for the people prone to the migraines, the application on the temples of some drops of EO is enough to alleviate the pain.
  • Against the infections: excellent natural antiseptic, it helps to look after the frequent disorders of the respiratory system. Thanks to its recognized medicinal properties, lavender is widely used by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Against muscular pain: anti-inflammatory, relaxing and analgesic, lavender EO (to be applied in massage associated with vegetable oil) is indicated for joint and muscle pain. Combined with juniper EO, it even warms up the muscles before exercise. Rheumatic pain can also be relieved by friction or lavender EO poultice. Make yourself a lavender massage oil by macerating 5 days in the sun, 150 grams of lavender flowers in a liter of olive oil.
  • Against premenstrual pain: lavender is an emmenagogue plant, it promotes blood flow in the pelvic region and therefore in the uterus. You should know that parsley, nutmeg and ginger are also part of this family of plants.
  • Against insects: applied behind the ears or on the nape of the neck, lavender EO, thanks to geraniol, keeps away mosquitoes, flies and lice.
  • Against the bad smells: in a burner or a diffuser, the EO purifies the air and drives out the bad smells (tobacco, cooking smells…). In the same way, a few sprigs of lavender will perfume your wardrobe and your linen while keeping moths away. Vacuum a few dried flowers with your vacuum cleaner and spread a good scent while doing your housework.

Lavender for internal uselavender basket for essential oil_min

One can fully enjoy the benefits of lavender by drinking herbal teas. An inexpensive and very effective grandmother’s remedy.

  • Infusion with lavender: pour ¼ of liter of simmering water on 1 tablespoon of dried lavender flowers. Let infuse for a few minutes and enjoy.

This herbal tea helps to fight infections and has a clear effect on digestion. It also makes it possible to benefit from the relaxing and alleviating virtues of this plant. This infusion with a pleasant aroma, is a very beneficial drink for people who are stressed, anxious and sleep deprived. Consumed 1 to 3 times per day, this care is beneficial for the body and the spirit.

  • Sugar + essential oil: if you are not a fan of herbal tea, you can take 2 drops of lavender EO on a sugar. You will enjoy its benefits in the same way. For even more convenience, buy lavender powder capsules available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Precautions for use: lavender essential oil, like any essential oil, should be used with care. It is recommended to start with small doses, with a little vegetable oil, in order to avoid any allergy problems. Always test on a small part of the skin before using it on larger areas.

“Essential oils are not soluble in water, so you have to use a dispersant. In the lavender pillow mist, we find Roman chamomile, lavender and small bitter orange seeds. To make such a pillow mist, it is extremely simple: you take the different essential oils, put them in a bottle of dispersant, then this dispersant will be used to be put in water and to design a spray that you can put on your pillow.

“As these oils are not soluble in water and are only soluble in fat, you have to go through a dispersant body. This can be bought in pharmacies, herbalists and it allows you to have a more suitable aqueous solution.”

Use of lavender essential oil  in external application

  • In case of burns, apply to the affected area(s) 15 drops of True Lavender EO combined with 5 drops of Carrot EO in 15 ml of St. John’s Wort (or sweet almond) vegetable oil. Repeat until improvement.
  • In case of bruise, bruise or contusion, gently pass the mixture of 2 drops of True Lavender EO and 2 drops of Immortelle EO over the affected area four times a day until improvement.
  • To relieve insect bites, disinfect with a mixture of 5 ml of True Lavender EO and 5 ml of alcohol. Then rub the affected area with the same preparation.
  • In case of otitis, mix 2 drops of EO of true lavender, 2 drops of EO of eucalyptus radiation to 2 drops of EO of niaouli. Apply around the ear and massage a little.
  • On wounds, apply a mixture of 1 drop of lavender EO, 1 drop of laurel EO and 1 drop of tea tree EO three times a day.

Caution: essential oils should not be used pure, it is essential to dilute them with a vegetable oil (sweet almond for example).

The contraindications of the essential oil of lavender

  • Lavender essential oil is not recommended for pregnant women and before the age of 12.
  • In case of allergy, it is necessary to test the essential oil in the hollow of your elbow.
  • It is recommended not to abuse lavender EO.

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