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Rejuvenate: the anti-ageing benefits of soya

Soya is one of the key foods in Asian cuisine. It’s not just for its nutritional qualities that it’s so highly prized. Indeed, the virtues of soya are numerous! In particular, it helps you to stay young and get over the menopause.

Tonicity is a must

With age, the skin slackens. To reduce the effects of time, it is wise to opt for soy. It’s a wonderful source of protein. And not just any protein! After all, soy contains redensifying proteins. It has the ability to fill in wrinkles and restore firmness to the skin. To do this, it attacks the skin’s fibres and strengthens it. This is why soy is used in many cosmetic products.

Soy to fight osteoporosis

As the years go by, our bones become weaker and weaker. There are several solutions to remedy this. It is highly recommended to consume enough calcium, as well as vitamin D, which will allow the body to better assimilate calcium.

Soya is also beneficial for our bones: it is also recommended to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, as it preserves bone capital.

Soya to help me through the menopause

The menopause is a hormonal upheaval, but also, and above all, an upheaval in a woman’s life. In addition to reminding women that they are getting older, it is accompanied by mood swings, hot flashes and often weight gain.

Women can rely on soy to make the menopause go smoothly. This food significantly reduces hot flashes. Its protein content makes it filling and good for the figure.

Health professionals regularly point out that there are no studies proving that soy is effective against menopausal symptoms. Yet women who eat it feel better. Placebo effect or not, it’s a solution of choice!

The benefits of soya are also recognised for combating cognitive decline and prostate cancer in men. It is therefore definitely a food to be adopted.

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