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How to stay young in 2021: the youthful secrets of Asian women

How to stay young in 2021: the youthful secrets of Asian women

In Asia, to stay young, many women have lifestyle habits (diet, physical activity …) that allow them to keep a firm skin and a toned body longer. We tell you more!

Many Asian women pay a lot of attention to their figure, maintain their skin and therefore often look much younger. What is their secret? Asian women simply have a very different lifestyle from ours and especially healthier.

Asian eating habits to stay young

All countries have a specific food culture. In Asia, and more particularly in Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam or Thailand, eating habits are very different from ours.Okinawa diet, less fatty food, lots of starch for a balanced diet

Asians eat a lot of starchy foods, it is even the basis of their diet. Rice is, of course, the most consumed food, but wheat (in the form of flour) and legumes are also part of the meals. Asian people also eat a lot of vegetables. These are eaten sautéed, steamed, in soup and even macerated.

Seaweed, bamboo shoots or soybeans are very popular in Asia, but also extremely beneficial for the body.

It should also be noted that in Asia, we eat more fish than meat. Once again, it is much better for your health!

In general, the Asian diet is more virtuous than ours. It is richer in fiber, because vegetables are given pride of place, but also in proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. The fats used are mostly vegetable and therefore healthier for the body.

Finally, this diet is low in sugar, which is good for your health and your figure!


Discovering the Okinawa Diet for getting younger

The Okinawa diet is a diet that comes from Japan. This diet is known worldwide, because the population counts many centenarians. Not only is the life expectancy longer, but the population is also much healthier. The meals consist mostly of low-calorie foods.

In Okinawa, overweight does not exist. The exceptional dietary balance allows the inhabitants to maintain a fit weight while reducing the risk of chronic diseases and deficiencies. What do they eat? Everything, but in small quantities and very slowly.

The islanders take turns eating food and avoid mixing it. They prefer raw, fresh and seasonal foods. One of the major principles of Okinawan diet is to stop eating before you are full. One should not fill one’s stomach completely, in order to facilitate digestion.

Broths and green tea complete these good eating habits.


Healthy living: the secret of youth for women in Asia

To ensure a daily well-being, Asian women have healthy habits that we can all use at home!

First of all, they protect themselves from the sun in order to keep their skin smooth and young. They protect themselves from pollution, especially in big cities. Many of them wear masks in case of pollution peaks. In addition to that, they rely on detox treatments for the body and skin: at least 2 per year.

Asian women don’t do much fitness. On the other hand, they do moderate daily physical activities such as yoga or tai chi. They work a lot on relaxation and breathing, but also on their flexibility, and this until a very old age.

Women living in Asia always favor natural products to take care of themselves. They remove their make-up with oil, make rice masks and take tea baths.

Finally, they consume a lot of soy, a food that reduces hot flashes and helps them get through menopause.

The 1001 virtues of green tea to stay young

Green tea is an excellent beverage for your health. It boosts the metabolism and helps maintain a healthy weight. At the same time, green tea reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Bones are better preserved and oral health is promoted.The 1001 virtues of green tea

The secret of Asian women? Drink a lot of green tea

Green tea is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, which is ideal for the skin. Consumed daily, it helps reduce cell aging, protects against disease and promotes weight loss. It also allows the body to better regulate blood sugar and facilitates digestion.

In Asia, people are living longer and healthier lives thanks to excellent nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Instead of envying them, we can adopt some of their customs!


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