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Getting back in shape after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a real upheaval for a woman’s body. You will sometimes put on about 20 kilos during these 9 months.

Even if you’ve managed to keep the weight gain in check, you’re bound to want to get back to your pre-pregnancy body. However, it is still fragile, so you need to take it easy. Here are some tips that can help you lose weight after giving birth without endangering your health.

Put on a girdle to regain your figure

Although it is far from glamorous, it is recommended that a woman wear a girdle and support stockings after childbirth to allow the body to remodel. On sites such as  babycenter.com, you will be able to find a wide choice of girdle that respects your tummy. When we think of a girdle, we often imagine our grandmother’s panties, but now it is possible to find some very beautiful and modern ones.

After giving birth, this is the ideal time to reshape your tummy. The weight you’ve gained hasn’t disappeared, but your skin is more malleable and elastic. The girdle can help you recover your flat tummy more easily by forming a real mould for the body. Wearing a girdle can also help a young mother to rebuild her back and regain good posture. As you can see, the girdle won’t help you lose weight, but will rather make your tummy flatter.

Take your time to lose the weight you’ve accumulated during pregnancy.

You have just given life, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. You have time to lose your kilos. If you have put on very little, you will find that the numbers on the scale will return to the same as before without any real effort. On the other hand, if you have put on more than ten kilos, you will inevitably have to rebalance your diet and gradually reintroduce sport.

Don’t start your diet as soon as you leave the maternity ward. Be patient even if you no longer recognise yourself in your body. Your body needs a few months to recover. Do not despair and do not fall into the trap of dieting and frustration.

Eat a balanced diet to regain your healthy weight

The basis for weight loss is a healthy and balanced diet. You now have a goal: to lose your pregnancy weight, so motivation is there. It may also be the ideal opportunity to relearn how to eat properly in the long term.

It is recommended that you do not deprive yourself of a balanced diet. You risk frustrating your body and throwing yourself on the fattest and sweetest foods in your cupboards. Even if you resist the temptation, it will store the fat from your next meal for a long time in case you feel the urge to starve it again. You can eat anything, the aim is to do so in moderation and to be able to stop in time.

A woman needs an average of 1800 calories a day. You also have to take into account body shape, age and daily activity. Moreover, if you are breastfeeding your child, you will need a little more energy. Finally, the most important thing is to listen to your body. Even if it is tempting, avoid sweets, cold cuts, cakes, ready-made industrial dishes and cheese. Yes, it is torture, especially if you have had to deprive yourself of many things because of toxoplasmosis. But these foods won’t help you lose weight, on the contrary, they will give you extra fat.

Choose lean meat, fish, fruit and vegetables instead. You can eat starchy foods, but prefer wholegrain cereals. These are better for your health and will help you burn fat more durably. A plate should consist of at least half of vegetables. There are various ways of cooking them to enjoy their taste and to vary your diet.

Getting back into sport little by little

For a few weeks you will have to avoid doing sports too intensively. Most women have to wait for perineal rehabilitation or complete healing after a caesarean section. It is important to get permission from your doctor before resuming physical activity. In the meantime, you can simply walk. If it hurts, stop immediately.

Once permission has been obtained, it’s time to start cardio. You will have to agree to sweat and speed up your heart rate to burn the fat that has been stored on your stomach and hips. You can run, cycle, swim or simply start brisk walking. Anything is good for getting your cardio working. You can even take your child in a sling or in a baby swimming class.

After giving birth, the body is usually distended. You can easily notice this: the skin on your belly tends to be flabby. You need to tone and remodel your entire body to be able to regain your figure. You can do fitness, weight training or simply yoga. It is now possible to practise these activities with your baby. There are yoga or pilates classes with your baby. You will have a good time with your child while working on your body.

Finally, it is important to continue to practise sport regularly to maintain your figure. In fact, you no longer have the body of your 20s. You will certainly gain weight more easily now that you are a mother. It’s an everyday struggle.

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