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5 tips to develop your creativity

Contrary to some preconceived ideas, creativity is not only for the “creative”. Whether it’s your work, your interior design or your hobbies, it’s what makes you an inspired person.

But creativity is something you have to work on, so how do you develop it?

What is creativity?

Creativity is the ability of an individual to create, therefore to imagine and realize something new. If it is essential to any artistic work, it is also the ability to find a solution to an unexpected and new problem. Being creative in the face of life’s unexpected events by finding solutions with the only resources available at that moment in time can greatly increase your quality of life on a daily basis, which is why developing your creativity is essential. Going outside the box, disregarding prejudices and other social constraints… Expressing your creativity means opening yourself up to other possibilities than the ones you already know. A skill that can be learned and cultivated both at work and at home.

Elements that encourage creativity

  • patience
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • empathy
  • open-mindedness and imagination
  • risk appetite
  • freedom

Elements that block creativity

  • the reason
  • pessimism
  • stress
  • Fatigue
  • fear of failure
  • the apology
  • the routine

Our tips to develop your creativity

Developing one’s creativity is a gymnastic. It is therefore a matter of adopting new reflexes in terms of thinking, imagination and reaction to a “problem”. When we talk about a problem, we must read it in the mathematical sense: one problem = one (or more) solution(s). So there are several tips for developing it, whether you’re looking to be more creative in your job or in your kitchen.

Shake up your routine

Habits and daily routines can affect your creativity. In fact, every day you have been doing the same tasks, in the same order, for years. What pushes your brain to act automatically, there is no reason for it to try to be creative in a well-established routine. So start by changing things, no matter how small, in order to disrupt it and bring out your creativity. In fact, looking for a way to shake up your usual rhythm already calls on your creativity!

A notebook at your fingertips
You think you never have any ideas? That is most certainly not true. Maybe you don’t listen to them because you don’t trust them, or maybe you just don’t pay attention to them anymore. Get into the habit of writing down every idea that comes into your head. Yes, all of them. In the search for creativity, there are no bad ideas or useless ideas. Maybe you won’t use them, but they are not useless. Without judgment, write down your ideas daily in a dedicated notebook. The simple act of writing them down, and therefore listening to and recognizing them, will unconsciously push you to have a whole bunch more, since they are no longer relegated to the “this idea is silly or useless” box.

Play a sport
When we think of outdoor sports, we often talk about “airing our brains out”, and that’s the case. This leaves more room for wandering and therefore more room for imagination and creativity. Often, we don’t really give our brains time to come up with new ideas. When we think about dinner, for example, once we’ve found a feasible and usual recipe, we move on to something else. Whereas if you think about it in the middle of a jog or a 30-minute walk, your imagination can unfold and you will take the time to explore other options. There is no creativity without curiosity. Meditation is also a good way to make room in your head! Beyond the time it gives to your brain, practicing a sport triggers the creation of wellness hormones, a better oxygenation of the brain and therefore, a healthier tool for creativity and more capable of change and imagination.

Open yourself to the outside world
There is nothing better than creativity to call creativity. The world’s greatest creative people find inspiration in everything around them. Get out, walk around, watch, go to the movies, follow inspiring accounts on social networks… Movies and music are excellent stimulants for creativity. Ideas are everywhere, on the street as well as in modern art museums. Sit on a terrace with a coffee and just watch people go by. Unfortunately, we spend most of these moments with our noses in our phones, and this is one of the things that affect our creativity every day, without us even realizing it. Say yes to new experiences!

Be inspired by the most creative
You certainly have someone in your entourage who is creative and inspiring. At work, for example, your colleague may have the gift of coming up with great ideas at every meeting, and that saddens you? Approach it differently and observe it. It certainly has to be someone who is constantly in a state of exchange and curiosity. But the most creative human beings are often the ones we forget to observe? Children. A child can have 50 ideas a minute and will have no problem expressing them without fear of the judgment of others or his own. Why is this? Because a child follows his intuition, he is not yet subject to the pressures and prejudices linked to the fear of failure and he does not lack imagination, which opens a beautiful road to creativity. Learn from it…

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