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Personal development: tips to get the year off to a good start

Each end is synonymous with the beginning… So at the beginning of this year, we start from scratch! This year, we take care of ourselves and therefore, of our mind.

And to start off on the right foot, here are our personal development tips to put in place for this year that is just beginning…

Adopt the “positive attitude

This year we are applying the principle of positive thinking by focusing on our goals rather than on the disasters that may occur. The power of our brain is immeasurable and we know only a small part of it. There is good in every moment of our lives, even the worst. So we give ourselves time to take it in case of failure or a hard blow and then decide whether that event will be a strength or a weakness. It’s the same technique as in ski or in bike, if you fix an obstacle, you’re going to run straight into it! So we look far away, we put our priorities in order and we go straight to our goals. Is it raining? It’s the occasion to have a good tea in front of a series when we come back home. Your client is not happy with your work? It’s an opportunity to exchange a little more with him about his expectations and to learn things to do better afterwards.

We make lists

Take some time to list all the things you would like to do or goals you would like to achieve. Whether they can be done in days, months or years. Take your time! Make this list over several days if you have to. Be realistic, if you would like to get back into the sport this year, don’t plan a marathon next month. Once you have completed your list, break down your goals by category and time frame. For example: this week, next month, professional, personal… This will allow you to look at your list and motivate yourself if you need to cut corners. View it every day!

We stop comparing ourselves to others

Social networks, magazines… A lot of things make you believe that others have a perfect life, easy and without pitfalls. Watch out, we’re about to reveal an incredible scoop: it’s not true! It’s easy to show what you want when you control your image. But everyone has more or less difficulty managing work, home, love relationships, children… There are days that are easier than others or even times of the year that are easier than others for everyone. What gives you the impression that everything is perfect in others is that you only see the result! The path is the same for everyone and often these people who are so perfect are mostly positive people who work hard to get what they want. So let’s reread the first chapter of this article and take note!

Getting to know yourself

Some people need time alone when they are feeling a little slack. Conversely, you may need to see your friends or call your sister when you’re feeling down. Take some time to figure out what works for you, here are some examples:

  • Go for a run;
  • Call someone you care about;
  • Getting some fresh air;
  • See a friend;
  • Read a good book;
  • Dancing to that music you love;
  • Take a bath;
  • Hugging your pet;
  • Make a video with your niece;
  • List the things you’re thankful for;

There is necessarily one or more things that work(s) every time and that you can do in case of slack or doubts. Once you’ve found what works for you, make a list that you can refer to when you’re feeling down or even under a lot of stress.

Make up your mind and fight the fear of failure.

Fear of failure can come from your education, your self-image, a traumatic experience, the society in which you live? This fear is therefore essentially cultural and does not really concern you, becoming aware of it will help you to detach yourself from it. No one likes to fail, and yet not everyone is paralyzed by a too present fear of failure. Fear is a reflex of our brain that serves to protect us. But if we hadn’t overcome our fear of falling as children, we wouldn’t be able to walk today. It is therefore not essential and does not always have to win. Here are some quotes that make a lot of sense and that you can reread when you are afraid to fail :

  • Only those who do not do anything do not make mistakes.
  • Everything you wish for is on the other side of fear
  • “What if I fail? ” “Oh dear, what if you succeed? »
  • Fear has killed more dreams than failure
  • Sometimes the thing that scares us the most is the thing that could set us free.
  • Don’t trust your fears, they don’t know your strength.
  • Fear is a choice
  • Don’t fear failure, fear that you will be exactly where you are a year from now.
  • Fear is temporary, regret is eternal.
  • It is normal to be afraid. Being afraid means that you are about to accomplish something great.
  • Courage is the art of resisting fear, of mastering it, not of no longer feeling it.


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