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Lose weight – Our tips to lose your horse’s breeches

For many reasons, we develop bad habits and our rhythm of life leads us to accumulate fat on our body, especially on our thighs.

Women who store their excess fat on this part of the body are likely to see it accumulate. This is known as saddlebags, which cause a lot of trouble when it comes to getting dressed. Fortunately, there are ways and tricks to get rid of them. Let us make the point!

A small cure

It’s obvious that you need a healthy diet to prevent a fatty buoy from forming on your body. Your body must be purified and a small detox treatment will do you the greatest good. You must therefore review the content of your meals and avoid as much as possible anything that is too salty or too rich. Industrial dishes are often harmful in this respect. You simply have to give priority to healthy foods, i.e. fruits and vegetables. They can be prepared in the form you like best. They will help you get back into shape.

A little physical effort

Diet plays an essential role in the control of your figure, but physical effort should not be neglected either. You need to build up your muscles to avoid the flabby appearance that comes with riding breeches. With weight training that targets the areas at risk, you will obtain satisfactory results. Scissors, squat, fitness are all effective means that will give excellent results if you are constant in your efforts.


It’s not for nothing that the race is so popular. Its beneficial effects are numerous, especially on weight control. You can start gradually, starting with a quarter-hour session. You will feel more and more comfortable and will extend the duration of the sessions.


Swimming, in addition to being very entertaining, helps to strengthen the back and thighs and gives a curved silhouette. Swimming for 30 to 40 minutes without a break builds endurance and breathing and sculpts a beautiful silhouette.

Feel it roll

Palpating-rolling is a proven massage technique. Simply pinch your skin between your thumb and forefinger and roll it under your fingers. You will then be able to dislodge cellulite and bulges.

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