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Slimming: our tips for slimming without starvation

It is often very difficult to lose weight without frustration. Drastic diets and other deprivations often lead to a yo-yo effect, which is negative for the body in the long term. Our tips for losing weight without suffering.

You have a few pounds to lose, but depriving yourself to fit into jeans isn’t really your thing? There are many ways to lose weight, nutrition and physical activity are, of course, the pillars of it? But how can you lose weight without starving yourself? Here are our tips!

Choose your “non-negotiable” food

When we think about diet, we all have a dish or a dessert that suddenly flashes before our eyes … You know what it’s going to be hard to cut out? You will be much less motivated if you take this famous pleasure out of your diet and it will surely lead you to crack more easily! It is often more efficient to regulate your diet rather than to deprive yourself completely. So choose your favorite food, dish, dessert, gourmet fetish.

If it’s cheese for example, opt for cheeses with less calories such as cancoillotte, ricotta or mozzarella and pay attention to the quantities. If your weak inclination is towards chocolate, 2 squares of a good bar of dark chocolate with your coffee at the end of the meal can do wonders for your morale and therefore your motivation! So of course, you avoid devouring a packet of chocolate cookies a day, but the frustration will be much less if you allow yourself some small pleasures every day.

So, on a day when you’re feeling slack or when you feel like cracking up, you can reassure yourself by thinking about your little pleasure of the day that’s not going to be long in coming. You will be all the more motivated to eat your lunch salad if you put a little feta cheese in it or if it is followed by a speculoos with your coffee!

Remove a particular type of food

A good way to become more refined without starving yourself is to remove only one type of food from your diet. This is also the most convenient method because you will need to count fewer calories or pay attention to everything you cook. It may seem more restrictive at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Here is a list of ingredients that you can take from your diet to help you refine your diet without even realizing that you are “on a diet”:

  • Gluten: the first effect of a gluten-free diet is weight loss.
  • Sugar: most of our pounds are holding up well thanks to sugar and not fat as we might think. Replace industrial sugar with honey or agave syrup.
  • Animal fats: use olive, avocado or coconut oil for cooking instead of the usual butter and you will soon see a difference.
  • Dairy products: they tend to be difficult to digest and often leave us with a bloated belly, removing them for a while allows us to refine without starving ourselves

Eat more often

If you don’t feel able to reduce the amounts overnight, plan 5 to 6 meals and snacks a day. While reducing the quantities, of course. There’s nothing worse than having a dip at 6pm and depriving yourself because it’s not a traditional mealtime . Result: you throw yourself on aperitif cookies or a ready-made dish that is not very healthy when the estimated “correct” time arrives…

Here is an example of a typical day with 6 meals per day:

  • 7h00 : A plain yoghurt with a few almonds, honey and a fruit of your choice;
  • 10:00 a.m.: A sweet or savoury snack such as a smoothie with no added sugar, carrot sticks with hummus or a mixture of nuts, almonds and raisins;
  • 1:00 pm: a light lunch such as a salad with chicken breast, tomatoes, grated carrots and a slice of wholemeal bread;
  • 4:00 p.m.: a sweet or salty snack, like the morning snack;
  • 7:00 p.m.: a light meal such as soup and a piece of quiche without paste or a salmon steak with wholemeal rice and zucchini;
  • 21h/22H: if you get a little peckish at these times, eat a compote with no added sugar and a square of dark chocolate, it’s a real pleasure!

Also think about weighing what you eat! Without realizing it, we often serve much more than the recommended portion for our age and size. Assess your needs (there are sites that allow you to give daily intakes based on these parameters) and use a food scale to help yourself. Over time, you will get used to eating adapted portions, without frustration!

Take care of yourself

Wanting to lose a few pounds happens to everyone, but by suddenly depriving your body and being hungry all the time, you don’t give it the love it needs. Love yourself, take care of yourself, take the time it takes to lose weight and accept to please yourself while being reasonable. Set realistic goals. If small pleasures are no longer guilty, you have the recipe to refine yourself without starving yourself. And think about moving, even a kilometer of walking a day can help you fit into your new swimsuit!

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