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Want to lose weight? See what Diet plans work best!

These days there is a need to follow diet solutions and plans for people. With the advent of television, the Internet, etc. the number of plans that are out there are huge. Each of them is even advertised as the best that is available and promises to deliver suitable results. However, you must know that not all of them are certainly genuine and cannot help you in the loss of weight that you so seek. For the best weight loss plans, you must certainly rely on those plans that have long been in use and also proven to be effective on a good scale.

What are the best Diet Plans for your body?

A list of some of the diet plans that are popular and also have proven to be successful are :

  • Atkins Diet – This plan has been there quite a number of decades. To add to that, a lot of people say that it is a very successful method and therefore, it is very well backed. The primary stress of this particular plan is to take in more protein and further lessen the carbohydrate intake. Sometimes it is also labeled as a very meaty diet simply because this specific diet involves more consumption of meat. This suits well for many non vegetarians, but as far as vegetarians are concerned, it is a strict no!
  • Kind Diet – This is totally the reverse of the Atkins diet as it involves the process of being kind to animals. Therefore, this is strictly a vegetarian only diet. Food intake here generally consists of vegetable, fruits and whole grains. Thus, it forms a low calorie consumption plan to follow.


  • The Paleo – This happens to be a rather new form of a diet plan, and has become largely popular of late. This kind of a diet plan focuses entirely on the consumption of whole food, and tells people to avoid legumes and grains. It can greatly be useful in the reduction of inches from the waistline and also hunger. The entire unprocessed food industry has come up in order to cater to people that follow this diet. However, one should note that they don’t go overboard with the calorie intake.


  • Mediterranean Diet – This is perhaps of the most popular diets that helps in the loss of weight and has been around for a long time. Followers of this kind of a diet are supposed to consume fish, veggies and olive oil. Besides helping one lose weight, it has also proven to be increase longevity of life.


  • The South Beach Diet plan – Basically it is another form of a low carbohydrate diet. Its main focus is on eating lean meats and the lesser processed carbohydrates. Although some may say that it is quite similar to the Atkins diet, it is not so. The fat and carb consumption is a lot lower in this case. However, the protein intake is a lot higher.
  • Weight Watchers – The most popular and widely used weight loss plan for most people, it basically involves a point system. Food calorie levels are rated in a point system and people are given a total amount of points for every particular day. One can choose to eat what they want but must make sure not to exceed their allocated points per day. This process basically involves controlling the calorie consumption on a per day basis.
  • Ornish Diet – The Ornish diet is actually a pretty old method that was even popular in the 1980s. It is a low fat vegetarian diet. People are supposed to consume whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits and at the same time keep fat intake to a minimal. This also happens to be a popular and friendly diet among vegetarians.

  • Body for Life – This form of a plan primarily focuses on the high intake of proteins along with low intake of carbohydrates. It is mainly suitable for all the gym seekers out there. It promotes regular intense weight training. Although this plan is very well suited to those people who are active and young, it will possibly be very difficult for aged people to follow.


Choosing the Right Diet Plans Effective for you


Now that you have gone through some of the most popular diets that most people choose to adopt in the process of losing weight, you should also know which ones will be the most effective for you. Though the effectiveness of a particular plan largely depends on a number of characteristics, it may necessarily not be the same for everyone. On a general basis, here are some of the best weight loss plans one can go ahead with as they have provided the best of results in the long run.

You might have been advised that just consuming less calories and also eating less might be the best way to lose weight. However, that is simply not true. The body requires a well balanced diet even when you are in the process of trying to lose weight. Also the consumption of food that reduces the insulin level in the body is good as insulin is responsible for storing nutrients in the body to fats.

Here are some the best diets well suited for weight loss –

  • The Paleo Diet.
  • The Atkins Diet.
  • The South Beach Diet.

Please note that these work just fine mainly for those people who can live without the intake of bread, pasta or rice.

If you are among those people who enjoy eating foods rich in carbohydrates, then the best options for them would be the  –

  • Mediterranean
  • Or Weight Watchers.

These two diet plans mainly advocate the eating of very healthy foods.

The Kind and the Ornish are diets that are totally well suited to vegans, and should be the best options for them to follow.


How to Loose Weight Fast?

Finally, if you are an active gym hitter and plan to lose body weight rather fast, then the best option to go by would be the Body for Life plan.

Australia’s leading guides suggest that you follow either of these diet plans, as they tend to work the best for the people.


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