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Anti-aging commandments in 2021


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your skin and your body in general, is the best anti-aging remedy, which will help you limit the effects of time, and age better.

Anti-aging: our advice for a radiant complexion


By eliminating dead skin, the scrub allows cells to regenerate. It immediately restores radiance to the complexion, leaves the skin soft and prepares it for the application of a moisturizer. One uses a cream of gumming once or twice a week, without rubbing too much not to irritate the skin. Don’t hesitate to apply a mask after your first treatment: it’s the winning duo!

Massaging your face

Massaging your face tips aging well
It is important to take the time to massage your face, in the morning or in the evening, by applying your moisturizer, it prevents fine lines from setting in. Massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps to drain toxins, bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin and improve the assimilation of the active ingredients of the treatment. In addition, because a good massage mobilizes the facial muscles, it helps to release tension and relax the features. This also applies to moisturizing masks. The forehead is smoothed with the fingers, then the cheeks are massaged from the inside out, the eye contours are tapped, and the neck is not forgotten.



Beautiful skin means a balanced diet. Eating fruits and vegetables every day, which are sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre, is essential. Rich in polyphenols, they help fight against the free radicals responsible for cellular ageing. Carrots, apples, grapes, kiwis are therefore your best allies! Consume walnut or rapeseed oil for its vitamin E content with antioxidant properties. Dried fruits such as almonds also contain vitamin E, but also fatty fish, rich in omega 3. And don’t forget to drink water, because the skin needs good hydration. There are facial treatments rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which are excellent supplements.

Go to bed early

The best way to preserve your youth capital is still to go to bed early. Poor sleep leads to premature aging of the skin. So, let’s remember what our grandmothers used to say, the hours before midnight count double! Let’s also not hesitate to use facials that will help the skin recover during the night, and compensate for short nights.


Practicing yoga or the Pilates method are activities that are beneficial to the skin. The inverted postures of yoga, for example, restore radiance to the complexion. The candlelight position, which consists of lying on your back and then extending your legs towards the sky, holding your back with your hands and elbows on the ground, causes a blood flow and therefore promotes oxygenation of the skin. This posture also contributes to a better sleep.

Avoid too long exposure to the sun

If the sun is necessary for our health – it allows the synthesis of vitamin D – its ultra-violet rays, it is also responsible for the premature aging of the skin. Precautionary measures are therefore necessary. They consist in exposing oneself progressively after applying a sun cream with a high protection factor (30 minimum between 12 and 16 hours) and avoiding hours of maximum sunlight, between 12 and 16 hours.

Nourish your skin

Applying a day cream is necessary to moisturize the epidermis, but also to protect it from external aggressions. More nourishing than a day care, the night cream helps the skin to regenerate itself. As soon as the skin feels a little tight, due to the cold or sun exposure, do not hesitate to apply another layer. A mask once or twice a week is a good way to deeply moisturize.

Removing makeup well

If the skin is not properly cleansed, pores become clogged and the complexion becomes dull. This is why it is necessary to remove make-up every evening and cleanse your face in the morning before applying your day cream. Caution: tap water, sometimes too hard, can over time dry out or clog the skin. Using a mineral water or a tonic from time to time is good for the skin. Also think of letting your skin breathe from time to time, by abstaining from make-up some days.

Avoid smoking

Certain chemical substances contained in cigarettes alter the collagen and elastin that give the skin its elasticity, they asphyxiate the blood and cause a narrowing of the blood vessels that supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients. In addition, smoking generates an overproduction of free radicals that weaken the skin and its natural ability to repair itself. The skin sags faster, wrinkles mark the face. Toxins accumulate and also promote the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The complexion becomes grayish or yellowish, the skin loses its radiance. There are anti-oxidant face care products that reduce the harmful effects of tobacco a little, although it is obviously best to stop smoking!


Stress leads to the secretion of excess cortisol and adrenaline, which is harmful to the body. It tightens the features and makes the complexion look dull. So don’t forget to breathe and have a good time. Walking in the fresh air, another gentle sporting activity, a massage, spending time with loved ones or watching a comedy can help you see life in a positive light.

Anti-aging: this is why you should drink olive oil on an empty stomach in the morning to avoid wrinkles.

A beauty secret for millennia, olive oil would be fabulous when drunk on an early morning fast. Rich in antioxidants, it would help fight the signs of aging. Explanations.

we can say it’s the end of lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning, but why?
Forget the acidity and give way to the sweetness of olive oil. Considered as the green gold of the Gods since ancient times, olive nectar is renowned for its fabulous benefits. Included in home beauty recipes, olive oil sublimates hair and skin. Used in cooking, it helps fight against cardiovascular disease or aids digestion for example.

What is less well known is that olive oil can be consumed in small doses, on an empty stomach, to start the day. At least that’s what an osteopath interviewed by Vogue US says. For more than twenty years, the expert has dedicated her career to integrative medicine – a combination of conventional and alternative medicine. At the head of her brand of beauty olive oil, she assures that this little morning shot is beneficial when it comes, among other things, to fighting the signs of aging. The reason? Olive oil, if it is of very good quality, contains a high level of polyphenols “a group of antioxidants that offer protection against free radicals”.

An anti-aging liquid

Real beauty oil, olive oil also contains squalane. Our sebum is naturally made up of about 15% of it. The formation of this hydrolipidic film on the surface of the skin constitutes our cutaneous barrier whose function is to prevent the skin from drying out. The squalane contained in olive oil is also reputed to “act on the cohesion of collagen, ensuring good skin elasticity in order to delay the appearance of signs of skin aging,” explains the expert.

Her ritual? A shot of very high quality olive oil to break the night-time fast and absorb the properties more quickly. A little meditation, then a glass of water, sometimes fruit juice, nuts and coffee. The expert nevertheless specifies that there is nothing miraculous about olive oil, it is part of a healthy lifestyle. In any case, it is advisable to consult a doctor’s opinion.

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