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How to do an emunctory organs detox in 2021

Spring detox: focus on the emunctory organs

Focus on the emunctory organs : cleansing our body is essential for good health

The detox of the emunctory organs, allows the cleaning of our body to be in good health. This is the principle of a detoxification, often done in the spring. However, to be really effective, this cleansing of the body must take place in the spring and in the fall. Depending on the season, the detox cure will be different. In the spring, we must focus on the emunctory organs , which means those whose mission is to evacuate waste from our body.

Our team proposes to review these famous organs, their role on our body and the importance of their regular cleaning.

1 – Liver, an emunctory organ that suffers in winter!
2 – Kidneys, an important organ for elimination
3 – Intestines, an essential organ for well-being
4 – Lungs : the respiratory system, an unsuspected emunctory organ
5 – Skin, an organ that reflects our health

Liver, an emunctory organ that suffers in winter!

The liver, an emunctory organ that suffers in winterThe liver is an essential organ because its role is to clean the blood that circulates in our body. It filters it in order to purify it of its toxins. It is important to know that the liver is very busy in winter. During the holidays and throughout the cold season, we eat more fat, we consume chocolate, we drink more alcohol … In short, our dietary balance is compromised!

To relieve this emunctory organ, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the refined products, the days which precede the detox, and to eradicate them during the cure. It is also recommended to limit the consumption of fat and therefore foods rich in carbohydrates.

To allow the liver to regenerate itself, it is possible to rely on plants. These can even be the basis of the detox. Among the recommended plants, we can consume black radish, artichoke leaves, rosemary, chicory or dandelion. In capsules, juices or sachets, you can find all these plants in organic stores or at a naturopath.

Kidneys, an important organ for elimination

Like the liver, the kidneys filter the blood. Their role is to eliminate the toxins present in the body by evacuating them towards the urine.The kidneys, an important organ for elimination

The wastes take the form of small crystals that are mixed with liquid. The more waste in the urine, the darker it is. Before and during the spring detox, you should drink a lot of water to help eliminate these toxins. This can also be boosted with plants such as lime, dandelion, horsetail, onion, leek and all types of cabbage.

Intestines, an essential organ for well-being

Our intestines belong to the digestive system. Like the kidneys, their purpose is to eliminate all the waste from our body. They collect them from the other organs and evacuate them in the form of stools.

It is not for nothing that it is important to have a bowel movement every day. A good bowel movement limits the clogging of the intestines, cleanses and purifies the body.

The intestines, an essential organ for well-beingTo do this, a few days before the start of the detox, we increase our fiber intake, we hydrate and we consume raw milk, in order to boost our intestinal flora. It is possible to take a small cure of probiotics!

To optimize your detox cure and perfectly cleanse your intestines, you can also use certain plants such as rosemary, thyme, sage, aniseed, fennel, cumin, rhubarb, prunes and flaxseed.

Lungs : the respiratory system, an unsuspected emunctory organ

Our respiratory system also evacuates waste. That’s right! This waste is most often in the form of gas, but it can also take the form of mucus. If we breathe in waste such as dust or particles, our respiratory system can release them in their original form.The respiratory system, an unsuspected emunctory organ

To preserve the respiratory tract, certain plants are to be consumed during the spring detox. These include thyme, wild thyme, eucalyptus, black radish and oregano. It is possible to consume these plants or to use them with essential oils.

Skin, an organ that reflects our health

The skin is also an emunctory organ that rejects waste. They are eliminated in the form of sebum, perspiration or pimples. To ensure that the skin can do its job, it must be able to breathe. To do this, we keep our skin clean, we exfoliate and we use breathable fabrics.The skin an organ that reflects our health

To help the skin perform its functions, you should eat burdock, wild pansies, nettles and chamomile. The skin must be preserved! Beware of the body care products used and the sun.

In addition to taking care of all these organs, it is wise to do a colon irrigation, a lymphatic drainage and why not a health check-up!



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