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How to create a yoga space at home in 2021


Whether you practice yoga to wake up gently each morning or to strengthen your muscles, this sport requires a space, not always easy to arrange at home.

However, there are many ideas to easily set up a yoga space at home…

Yoga space at home, for a softer life

The practice of yoga brings a bit of softness, self-care and serenity. Values that are much needed in this special year. Whether you’re looking to wake up gently, stretch before bed or practice more intense yoga, you need a yoga space at home. So start by choosing a place where you feel comfortable, since wellness is a crucial part of the philosophy behind the sport. Next, remember to equip yourself well by choosing:sporty-young-woman-doing-yoga-practice

  • A mat adapted to the type of yoga practiced and to your level;
  • A comfortable and adapted outfit;
  • A water bottle or water bottle to keep you hydrated during your session.

Decorate your yoga corner

Once you’ve chosen a place to set up for your yoga sessions at home, don’t neglect decorating it. Whether you’ve chosen a spot in your living room, your bedroom or even your balcony, it’s important to give the space a function and therefore a clear atmosphere. This allows you to prepare yourself visually with a zen and uncluttered space or even very colorful and ethnic.

Why not print out motivational and benevolent illustrations or phrases to hang on the wall to create a space that boosts your mood and confidence. This will put you in excellent conditions to make yourself feel good, and that’s the essence of yoga practice.

Bring nature into your yoga space

Also when it comes to decorating and choosing your ideal space, consider natural materials. Plants, wooden objects, decorative pebbles… You have many options for bringing nature into your yoga space. For plants, you can even go a step further by choosing positive energy or purifying species, such as:

  • Orchids;
  • Bamboo;
  • Lilies;
  • Aloe vera;
  • Cactus.

Create an olfactory ambiance yoga space

A yoga session mobilizes all your senses! Therefore, think of working on the olfactory ambiance of your sessions in addition to the visual aspect. Have incense sticks for post-yoga meditation or an essential oil or perfume diffuser for your sessions. Remember to turn them on 15 minutes before your session to create a complete atmosphere in which you immerse yourself during your session.

This will help you to unplug from everyday life much more easily and will also help your brain, a great lover of rituals, to immerse itself more quickly in a relaxed state. As for the choice of scents, each person has his or her own tastes, but you can decide to combine business with pleasure by choosing essential oils with virtues adapted to your sessions:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil for optimal breathing;
  • lavender essential oil for a moment of pure relaxation;
  • ylang ylang essential oil to find your emotional balance;
  • Peppermint essential oil for a boost;
  • sandalwood essential oil to anchor you in the present moment.

Create a cocoon yoga space for yourself

Use and abuse rugs, cushions and other floor mats to create a cozy atmosphere that will transport you to the ultimate comfort and softness during a yoga and/or meditation session. Also consider investing in a cushion called “zafu”, designed to facilitate your yoga and meditation sessions, it is ideal to accompany you. In addition to being very cute!

A minimalist yoga corner

women-doing-sports-different-poses-yogaA natural light, a plant and a yoga mat is more than enough to get you into yoga practice. In a world where our brains are constantly stimulated by our smartphones, a world context that is sometimes stressful, work, children… It is sometimes necessary to clear the air and refocus on the essential, so take advantage of your yoga session to limit distractions and enjoy a moment of relaxation for both your body and your mind. If for you the practice of yoga means calm and plenitude before returning to your hyperactive life, then this option is for you!

A mini yoga studio

You don’t need a whole room to create a real miniature yoga studio, but having a dedicated and permanent corner allows you to practice more often. It will be easier to do even a few sun salutations in the morning to allow your body to start gently, or a short stretching session at the end of the day …

In fact, seeing your mat in a cozy corner dedicated to this activity will make you want to spend more time on it. Be careful not to encroach on this space with your daily life… Do not put objects that do not belong here or settle down to work. This space is your sanctuary, respect it and it will respect you back. You don’t need much to create a mini yoga studio:

  • One or more green plants;
  • A yoga mat;
  • A space for candles, music, an essential oil diffuser;
  • A little cosy and motivating decoration;
  • And why not a mirror to study your movements.

A modular and accessible yoga space

If you don’t have the space to create a permanent mini studio, there is nothing to stop you from practicing yoga at home. Think practical, though, and put your props and mats in a nice basket. Don’t store your equipment too far out of sight, as this may discourage you or you may simply forget your daily session.


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