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Essential gestures to practise after sport

Regular physical activity is essential to feel good in your head and in your trainers! But to get the most out of your sessions, there are a few tips to follow in post-exercise. We’ll explain it all to you!

Doing sport to be in shape is good! But applying the right gestures after sport in order to reap all the benefits and save yourself a few inconveniences is better. Whether you practise a sport at home, outdoors, etc, we have compiled for you the 6 essential gestures to practise after exercise…

Essential gesture n°1: Hydrate yourself!

When you practice a sport, you perspire, of course. This leads to dehydration of our body. It is therefore strongly advised to drink water immediately after the effort, and in the hours that follow. Drink a lot, up to 2 litres of water, preferably with bicarbonate, but in small sips.

Drinking water after sport is essential, it helps to drain stagnant waste from the muscles, rehydrate you and compensate for mineral losses due to physical activity.

Essential step 2: A little stretching

The most painful aspect of the days following the effort… Aches and pains! Your muscles have just been put under heavy strain, they need to recover. If you go and sit at your desk or on your sofa directly after the effort, your muscles will make you pay dearly for it the following days!

So think about stretching. Relax, breathe, recovery is as important for your breathing as it is for your muscles. This will help your body to return to normal smoothly. Stretching avoids blood accumulation and therefore, cramps and aches and pains.

Essential step 3: Sweat quietly

Right after sport, you may tend to jump straight into the shower… This is not necessarily a very good idea! Your body will be sweating for several more minutes, so give it time to deal with the temperature rise it has just experienced. So you might have to take another shower a few minutes afterwards, and that’s not very ecological!

The other reason why you should let your body sweat is simply that it is a natural and therefore healthy mechanism. It’s your body’s way of lowering its temperature. If you take a hot shower, you will raise your body temperature again and you will be able to perspire more beautifully! On the other hand, a cold shower is no better, your body could be lost in the sudden changes. So take a few quiet minutes before you go into the shower, take the opportunity to drink water and stretch!

Essential gesture n°4: Hop in the shower!

Once your body has stopped sweating, you’re off to the shower. Beyond the obvious principle of hygiene linked to taking a shower after sport, there are other reasons, among which: to boost the overall blood circulation!

Showering after sport :

  • Start with water at normal temperature;
  • Gradually lower the temperature until the water is lukewarm;
  • Finish with a cold water jet, at least on the legs, for better circulation!

If you manage to get up to your head with cold water, don’t hesitate! Indeed, a jet of cold water firms the skin and stimulates blood circulation… Not to mention the shine effect on your hair!

Essential step 5: Massage your body

Massaging your body after sport avoids cramps and aches, boosts blood circulation and has a draining effect. You have several options for massaging your body after sport:

  • Before showering using the dry brushing technique: using a suitable brush, vigorously rub your legs, thighs, buttocks and arms. This method has a draining effect on your skin, blood and lymph, for a small express lymphatic drainage before the shower ;
  • During the shower with an exfoliation: take advantage of this moment to relax and get rid of your dead skin by practicing a body scrub once or twice a week ;
  • After showering with a moisturising milk: you can choose to mix business with pleasure by applying your moisturising milk while making circles on your legs and pressing lightly. This way, your milk or cream will penetrate more easily and your legs will be lighter!

Essential gesture n°6: 3, 2, 1… Eat!

After sport, your body will need fuel, but not just any fuel. Prefer an adapted meal rather than throwing yourself on cereals full of sugar… This is the time when your body needs lean protein. Within two hours of exercise, prepare a snack and enjoy it… Take the time to eat it, avoid hanging around on Instagram or in front of the TV, PRO-FI-TEZ! Here are a few examples of light (or not) meals that you can eat after a sports activity :

  • 1 Greek yoghurt and 1 fruit ;
  • 1 smoothie with red fruits, baby spinach shoots, ½ banana and vegetable milk ;
  • 1 bowl of oat flakes with vegetable milk or Greek yoghurt, peanut butter, dried fruit or granola;
  • 1 slice of light butter with eggs or ham.

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