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How to boost your health through breathing?

Breathing is one of the simplest and most natural processes. The nervous system carries out this vital function without our knowledge and almost automatically.

If this automatism keeps you alive, good breathing can have much more beneficial effects. Indeed, the power of breathing is much greater. With good breathing techniques, you boost your health and reach full development. Focus on these benefits of good breathing!

The benefits of learning to breathe well

Today’s intense and hectic pace of life exposes the body to many stresses and strains. This makes it much easier to become exhausted when you run out of energy. Also, this way of life weakens the body and increases vulnerability to many ills. In practice, it is not uncommon to find oneself with diaphragm disorders which generally prove to be quite disadvantageous.

In addition to its vital function, breathing is beneficial for the whole body. In particular, it relaxes the muscles, especially those of the neck and shoulders. In addition, it promotes better oxygenation of the blood and organs. By breathing deeply and ideally, you lower your blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. Breathing is also beneficial for the mind and mental health.

Indeed, when done properly, this vital function helps you to relax. You will be able to listen to your body and regain your calm. By breathing, you naturally reduce stress. It is also an excellent way to regain peace of mind and control your emotions.

What are the types of breathing?

In order to get the most out of breathing, it is necessary to distinguish between different types of breathing. These include chest breathing and abdominal breathing, also known as belly breathing. Chest breathing is the most common. It can be done out of habit, in action or under stress. With chest breathing, during inhalation the air enters the lungs and stays high enough. Here it is possible that you tuck your stomach in and pull your shoulders up.

This is because in this pattern the air comes out quite quickly without having reached the bottom of the lungs and without having delivered all its oxygen. This is all the more plausible when breathing is fast and jerky. With belly breathing, on the other hand, all the air inhaled goes down to the lowest point, starting from the belly, going to the middle and then up towards the lungs. To exhale, all the air must be blown from the top of the lungs to the bottom.

If this type of breathing requires more time, it clearly brings more oxygen and relaxation. In this case, the slower movement is also beneficial for relaxation. You will have to focus your attention on your breathing and become aware of your body’s mechanisms.

Adopt good techniques

There are many options for complete and beneficial breathing. Indeed, several procedures and different exercises allow you to breathe well. For example, cardiac coherence is a highly effective breathing technique that establishes links between the heart and the nervous system. It is notably used in many army corps to cope with situations of intense stress. On the other hand, the Afghan march is an equally interesting option.

Essentially, it consists of breathing in synchronisation with the rhythm of the steps. With the Afghan walk, you hold the brain’s attention by controlling your breathing. This simple action allows you to step back and stay calm. Express relaxation is also beneficial for breathing. Finally, there are many other options that allow you to relax in an ideal way.

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