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How to meditate with the Tibetan bowl?

Meditation can be practiced in many ways. But among the various techniques that exist, meditation with the Tibetan bowl seems to provide particularly interesting results.

Thus, the Tibetan bowl is an essential meditation accessory for monks and is increasingly used by private individuals. In order to fully enjoy it, you obviously need to know how to use it.

Choose the place of meditation

In order to succeed in meditation with the Tibetan bowl, first of all the place of meditation must be well chosen. If we refer to the origin of the Tibetan bowl and the beliefs attributed to it, it seems obvious that the use of this meditation device implies method and practice. The place that you will have chosen must be characterized by its comfort, cleanliness, clarity and, of course, calm. Once the place has been chosen, care must be taken to arrange it so that it is suitable and offers optimal conditions for meditation. The layout can of course be done according to your preferences. You can therefore add incense, candles or anything else that will make the atmosphere more pleasant.

Adopt a good meditation posture

To meditate, you must sit in a suit. Make sure you are comfortable. Then start by exhaling three times to get rid of emotional charges that might slow you down. Do not rush.

If you are just starting out, it is normal to have difficulty getting into the lotus position. In fact, few people manage to adopt this position perfectly without first practising experienced yoga. So don’t panic or let yourself be distracted by an unsuccessful posture. Take the tailor-made posture that is comfortable for you, the most important thing is to have a straight back and to visualize the five anchor points associated with this posture:

  • two under the buttocks, one under each ischium;
  • two under the knees;
  • one in the centre of the body, precisely at the level of the perineum.

In this posture, keep your head straight and your chin slightly tucked in. If you feel a little discomfort at first, this is quite normal. Only change your posture if you feel real pain. Then simply move around to readjust your posture. We advise you not to force yourself if the pain persists.

Open the meditation space with your Tibetan bowl.

Once you have found the right posture, open the meditation space with a sound. Make the bowl resonate by striking it. As soon as the space is open, stand still and breathe deeply. For meditation, you need to focus on controlling your breathing. Pay attention to the movement of your belly button and each time hold the breath in for a few seconds before slowly exhaling.

Enter into a meditative state

Meditation means emptiness. But in the search for emptiness, our mind can be populated with images, thoughts or sensations. So let all these elements pass, do not enter into confrontation with them.

Recourse to the bowl is necessary when concentration has difficulty in settling down. Indeed, the sound produced by the Tibetan bowl brings the mind back to the present moment and therefore favours concentration. One of the oldest techniques consists of observing a fixed point, so that you don’t see anything else around you, in order to be able to better focus on yourself. This is one of the fundamental techniques of meditation.

For good meditation, you need to focus on what is happening inside you emotionally, physically and mentally. Of course, be careful not to let feelings take over! As with the sound emitted by the bowl, let them pass.

Uses of the Tibetan bowl during meditation

Now that you know how to begin meditation with the Tibetan bowl, we will discuss the three uses of the Tibetan bowl during meditation.

Go around the rim of the bowl

The first use of the bowl is to go around it. To do this, gently place the mallet on the top of the bowl as if you had a pen in your hand. Give the bowl a small blow and turn the mallet, keeping it glued to the rim. Make a circular motion.

A few seconds later, all that will be left is the sound of the mallet rubbing against the metal of the bowl. Continue to rotate gently. Gradually, the sound will become more harmonious and fluid. Keep the rhythm constant. Do not slow down or accelerate.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you focus on the present. It will help channel your thoughts.

Hit the Tibetan bowl with the mallet.

Blows on the bowl will boost your concentration. It is a matter of hitting the bowl once with the mallet. Then you concentrate on the sound, how it evolves and how it invades the meditation room.

The sound varies according to the position of the bowl. The bowl can be in your hands, on your legs, or held upside down. Feel free to experiment with all the possibilities. The sound can also vary according to the power of the blow. You can also close your eyes for better concentration. This way, you will feel the vibration not only around you, but also inside you. With each stroke, the result you will perceive will be different. By focusing on the sound, you will feel the uniqueness of each vibration.

This perceived difference reminds you that every day is unique. So we must learn to appreciate the present moment, while knowing not to cling to it because it is not eternal.

Put the Tibetan bowl on your head.

This use consists of holding the bowl upside down on the head. Try to find the right balance so that it does not fall over. Lightly tap the bowl with the mallet so that it makes a fragile, faint sound. By focusing your attention on the sound, you will perceive beautiful vibrations that, although light, are very clear.

The objective here is to teach you to appreciate discreet and simple things at their true value. In this way we learn that with a little concentration we can become aware of the happiness contained in life’s little pleasures.

Meditation with the Tibetan bowl is good for body and mind, helping to improve concentration in any situation.

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