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Move well – The best fitness program week in 2021

Move well - The best fitness program week in 2021

It only takes a period of inactivity or overeating to feel the need to move and lose weight.

A one week fitness program to get back to your ideal weight “without getting too tired”. This one-week fitness program requires only 8 minutes a day to give you a dream body. Put on your gym clothes! Let’s go!!!

Monday: The fitness program start by working on your glutes

Spend the first minute walking in place. For the next two minutes, do squats from a standing position. With your back straight and your arms stretched out horizontally in front of you, begin the knee bends by lowering your buttocks as if you were sitting down. The torso should remain straight and the heels should support your weight the most. how to work the lower body by fitness mouvementWhen your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor, stop for a few seconds, then slowly work your way back up. For the next minute, hop like a frog in a squat position. Then do two minutes of tiptoeing with your feet on a step, facing the stairs.

Your heels should drop below the level of the step. Move up when you feel a stretch in your calves. The other minute should be spent jumping jack, which means you jump by spreading your arms and then your legs, then squeeze your arms and legs without stopping. For the remaining minute, resume walking in place.

Tuesday: follow the fitness program and Work the upper body

Start with one minute of kneeling push-ups. Keep your back straight as you flex your arms as much as you can. Then move up and do one minute of jumping jacks. The next two minutes will be devoted to triceps. Standing with a chair behind you, place your hands on the back of the chair and lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor before coming back up. Remember to keep your triceps tight during the exercise. Do 3 sets of 30 squats. For two more minutes, perform the Hindu prayer, standing upright and joining hands palm to palm at chest level (like Namaste). Slowly raise your arms above your head a hundred times. For the last two minutes, do wall push-ups with your hands on the wall and your arms straight. Do 3 sets of 30 squats.

Wednesday: Work on your abs and build muscle

The program fitness session starts with a minute of walking on the spot and continues with a minute of plank, that is to say, you have to lie down on your stomach while leaning on the tip of your feet, forearms and elbows. Keep your body straight and hold your position. You can do 2 sets of 30 seconds. Then do three minutes of leg drops. Lie on your back and raise your legs, bent at 90 degrees. With your hands at temple level, work to lift your head, upper back and shoulders off the floor. Lower your heels until they are a few inches off the ground before returning to your original position. For the next minute, do some ab contraction. Contract the stomach, release and repeat. The last minute will be dedicated to the jumping jack.

Thursday: Work the lower body

Start with one minute of walking in place, followed by one minute of jumping jack. Then do one minute of side jumps. Jump from left to right and then right to left, with feet together or slightly apart. Continue with one minute of walking on the spot and one minute of jumping jack. For the next minute, do air jumps. Jump about 20 times, as high as you can, feet together or slightly apart. For the next minute, do squats in the same manner as you did on Monday. Finish the day’s workout with a minute of walking in place.

Friday: Cardio Dayfitness program for wellness weight

Again, start with a minute of walking on the spot, then continue with a minute of jumping jacks. Another minute will be devoted to squats. Continue with one minute of jumping jacks to be repeated 20 times. For the remaining four minutes, switch to power walking. You’ll need to walk very fast for one minute, then walk for one minute at normal speed, repeating the action. You can choose to walk on the spot or not.

Saturday: fitness program: special back

For the first two minutes of this back special, do some self-expansion with the help of a stool. Sit with your back against the wall. Stretch your back by breathing in through your nose. Then exhale through your mouth, pulling your stomach in as far as possible. Repeat the movement about ten times. For the next three minutes, do lumbar extensions. Lie on your stomach with legs straight and hands under your forehead. Raise your legs and upper body 10 to 15 cm, holding the position for about 10 seconds before lowering. Give yourself 30 seconds to recover before starting again. Then do one minute of spinal curl.

You should lie down, arms at your sides, legs bent, thighs against your chest. Gradually lift your lower back to curl your spine. Bring your knees to either side of your head. Hold the position for thirty to forty-five seconds before returning. For the remaining two minutes, do a round back five times while lying on your back with one knee in each hand. Breathe in quietly and then breathe out as you bring your knees to your chest. Return your knees to the starting position while breathing in again.

Sunday: Fitness program day for a slim waist

Spend the first two minutes of the swing doing 25 repetitions on your knees with your back straight and a bottle in each hand. Alternately bring each hand down to the knee and back up. Then do two minutes of elbow-knee: standing with your hands at your waist, lower your right elbow and raise your left knee at the same time. Do three sets of ten on each side. After one minute of Brazilian movement, tilting the pelvis forward and back twenty to thirty times, finish the exercise with three minutes of boxing. A week of home fitness to get in shape, the best!




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