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Why take a nap?

We know that sleep is essential for the body and well-being. Thus, taking a nap proves to be a major asset to optimize your days and your performance. However, very few people take the time to take a nap… Here are a few advantages to rest a little during the day, to be in great shape every day!

The body is physiologically programmed to rest between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., the time when the body is at its weakest. So taking advantage of this time to take a nap and recharge the batteries is not synonymous with laziness but with optimization.

The nap reduces stress and tension, restores vitality and increases the capacity for concentration and memory. The nap allows the brain to recharge its batteries and to empty. Thus freed from the trivialities which can encumber it, it is ready to concentrate on the essential things.

Because of its benefits, the nap helps reduce the appearance of everyday ailments, chronic diseases and even more serious symptoms. It is also excellent for the skin and the immune system.

So to have a good nap, sit comfortably, in a quiet, dark and cool enough room to relax. Stay there for about 20 minutes so that you don’t fall into a deep sleep. Help yourself with a book, soft music or a nice view to let yourself go and fall asleep peacefully.

A well taken nap will not disturb your sleep cycle (the ideal duration would be 20 minutes, to be taken before 4pm). Thus, you can fall asleep peacefully in the evening, relax and have a restful sleep to start the next morning on the best possible basis.

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